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All payments must be brought to the school or mailed to the church office. No cash will be accepted by the Preschool.


The Preschool tuition is calculated annually and then divided into 10 equal payments. It is due according to the monthly schedule below. Tuition payments include: tuition, snack fee, and arts & crafts fee.


T/Th monthly tuition = $256.00 per month or $2,560.00 for the entire year.

M/W/F monthly tuition = $384.00 per month or $3,840.00 for the entire year.

Five Day Monthly Tuition = $640.00 per month or $6,400.00 for the entire year.



Below is a schedule to help you keep track of when payments are due. After the due date, a fee of $15.00 is charged.

Due Date $15 Late Fee Added
August 2017
August 16 August 25
September 2017
September 1 September 10
October 2017
October 1 October 10
November 2017
November 1 November 10
December 2017
December 1 December 10
January 2018
January 1 January 10
February 2018
February 1 February 10
March 2018
March 1 March 10
April 2018
April 1 April 10
May 2018
May 1 May 10

*** For the 4K classroom, tuition is paid differently.***

The $2,560.00 registration/prepaid tuition amount will be due in advance and will be credited toward tuition in the final months of the school year.

Monthly payments of the tuition balance would be at the rate of $640 per month, beginning in August 2017 and ending with the final tuition payment in January 2018.

The mailing address is:

Palma Ceia Presbyterian Preschool
3501 W. San Jose St.
Tampa, FL 33629

Please mark attention: Preschool



Tuition Assistance may be provided by the preschool to those children with special needs who are unable to afford our services otherwise. Parents may speak to the director and she will gladly discuss this. Offers of assistance are at the discretion and judgment of the director and preschool committee, and are based upon financial need. Parents must be willing to make their financial records available. Funds for these scholarships come from the Charles Greenwood Scholarship Fund, and are gifts from those in the church and community.

The preschool has monthly requirements to meet; therefore, monthly charges are consistent, regardless of absences or illness. Parents should not expect a courtesy statement. The director has been instructed by the committee to notify parents of termination of services if tuition is not paid in a timely manner.