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The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.

– Henry David Thoreau
From Nancy Little

I want to share with you that, after forty years leading the preschool, I will be retiring in December of 2020.

As the founding director of this preschool, I share my plans with a fulfilled heart and in gratitude for the privilege of a life in service to the children and families of the church and community. It has been a particular pleasure to serve in the church of my childhood.

You can expect that the operations and continuity of the leadership will remain steady. There will be time for goodbyes later, but for now we stay focused on the important matters at hand — the children.

The transition of the leadership will be handled by the session (governing body) of PCPC, and I have every confidence that the Holy Spirit will guide the future as it has the past. Founding and leading this school has been worth every bit of my life’s investment. I am looking forward to soaking up the joys of one last.sweet.year.

May all my work be praise,




The Palma Ceia Presbyterian Preschool is an early childhood program of national distinction enfolded into the life and mission of the Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church. Established in 1979 as an early education outreach to children with special need of support, PCPC Preschool still strives to serve every child with excellence.

“All of the things we are teaching our students to do, they are doing there.”

                                                                                     – Dr. Patricia O’Grady, University of Tampa Education professor

The preschool was founded by its current director, Nancy Little, in 1979, and has been recognized through both regional and national awards as the best model of its kind. In its over thirty years, the graduates of the preschool have successfully been accepted to and thrived at all of the private and public schools in the area.


Palma Ceia Presbyterian Preschool supports the learning, social, relational and spiritual needs of children in a Christian part day inclusive early childhood education program. Typically developing children play and learn with developmentally challenged children in a family mirroring the family of God. Employing the highest standards of quality and best practices, PCPC Preschool seeks to model a joyful and playful learning community for all enrolled children.

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The Palma Ceia Presbyterian Preschool admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

License Number: CTA 430547